Technology & Information

The technology used by the ADDCAR Group for highwall mining is advanced making ADDCAR a global leader. Some of the technology applied to highwall mining includes:

Lateral Guidance:

Addcar highwall systems utilises three pairs of ring laser gyroscopes and accelerometers to monitor the heading, pitch, and roll of the continuous miner. Graphic displays within the operator’s compartment give the operator a complete picture of active entry, past entries, and rib thickness.

Vertical Guidance

Gamma coal thickness sensors continuously measure the thickness of the roof and floor coal. Predetermined thicknesses of roof and/or floor coal can be left in place. Operators remain in seam which ensures optimum quality and assists in roof control. Boom mounted inclinometers provide the operator with graphical data showing the exact cutting height with respect to the established floor. A cable reel mounted odometer measures the depth of cut.

Cascading Conveyor Cars

The signature of ADDCAR Highwall Mining is the unique Cascading Conveyor system that uses open conveyors to feed coal from the miner to the stacker conveyor without increasing fines. As the miner works its way into the seam, an end loader places Conveyor Cars onto the launch vehicle, where they are hooked up without interrupting coal flow. This makes the ADDCAR highwall mining system the only true continuous mining process above or below ground. In addition to carrying coal to the stacker, Conveyor Cars transfer forward thrust from the launch vehicle to the miner.

Continuous Miner

The ADDCAR system allows different miners to be used based on the different seam conditions. ADDCAR has worked closely with major OEMs and both parties are familiar with the modifications that must be made on a standard continuous miner to adapt it for highwall mining. The core design of the machine as well as the regulatory permissibility essentially remain unchanged.

Steep Dip

ADDCAR Systems LLC continues to develop our proven systems to further enhance resource recovery for our customers.

The ‘Steep Dip’ systems are capable of mining in excess of 16 Deg dip and maintaining a plunge of +300m.