Highwall mining is a hybrid of surface and underground mining technologies that is used to recover coal that is otherwise uneconomical due to:

  • Increasing open – cut strip ratios
  • Reaching pit limits with available coal in the barrier pillars
  • Protected surface features (e.g. rivers, streams, archaeology)
  • Inadequate panel length for a punch long wall
  • Mining end walls in allocated reserves in conjunction with conventional surface methods
  • Orphan deposits where available resources does not justify capex due to quantum or structure
  • Deposits in agricultural areas.

The Highwall mining system uses a launch vehicle, continuous miner and series of Addcars™ to extract coal from an exposed highwall. Unlike conventional underground operations no personnel enter the underground operations. All equipment is operated remotely from the surface launch facility.

In 2014, the ADDCAR Group acquired leading highwall mining specialist, ADDCAR Systems LLC based in Kentucky, USA. Since 2014, ADDCAR have promoted the safety benefits and cost effectiveness of highwall mining while continuing to provide existing clients with cost effective and safe mining options.

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