Quality Policy

Management of the ADDCAR Group (ADDCAR) is committed to achieving or exceeding the expectations of our customers, and will continue to maintain our reputation through the provision of quality products and services.

ADDCAR will achieve this by:

  • Implementing and maintaining the ADDCAR Quality Management System to satisfy the requirements of ISO 9001
  • Identifying non-conformities, and taking appropriate corrective and preventive actions
  • Establishing and monitoring objectives and targets against our quality performance
  • Undertaking management reviews of the ADDCAR Quality Management System to continually improve effectiveness and suitability
  • Providing adequate resources to maintain the ADDCAR Quality Management System
  • Providing the required resources and training to enable workers to participate in the maintenance and continuous improvement of the ADDCAR Quality Management System
  • Encouraging workers to contribute to opportunities to improve the processes and procedures of the ADDCAR Quality Management System

ADDCAR senior management take accountability for the effectiveness of the Quality Management System and monitor customer and legislative requirements to maintain compliance and enhance customer satisfaction.